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What boots do you ride in?


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Man, I just got these Sidi Canyon Goretex Boots
And man, they are the best boots I have ever owned. Great for ADV and sporttouring, but unlike most riding boots, you can actually walk around in these and be comfortable. Pretty trick ratcheting strap to get em fit perfectly.
And, they are extremely waterproof. I wore em in a downpour the other day and rode 130 miles and my feet were the only dry thing on me.
Sizing I am a size 10 1/2 and the 11's fit me perfect.
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I like the short Daytona boots made in Germany. Very popular in Europe and to me the best boots on sale. Sadly sold at silly prices in the UK so best to buy them in their home country. The short style fit better than any long boot. My rugby player calf muscles make wearing long boots difficult and I always have to have my trousers on the outside. I also need a very wide fitting and the short boot give easier access.
I wear the Daytona Rainbow in summer. I've worn these all day in the office when commuting by bike.
In winter I wear similar Daytona Journey which are a bit wider so I can get 3 pairs of socks on if needed.
Both boots are goretex lined and have been completely waterproof. Both pairs were bought secondhand from the UKGSer forum for £60 a pair. If needed they can be sent back to Germany to be refurbished.
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alpinestars web gore-tex boots. Thin nose, Gore-tex, and comfortable.
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Sidi Vertigo. If they're good enough for the racers, they're good enough for me.
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Sidi Gore-Tex Canyons for the last 25,000km. As Cruizin has already said... awesome boot, on and off the bike and very dry in wet weather. Very well made boot.
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Wearing a low-end MotoBell 11" waterproof boots. Most of the time keeps my feet dry in tropical rain storms but on 1 occasion it leaked which I think I may have fixed it. Unfortunately, it is not genuine leather and the top skin is peeling.
I have a Puma Goretex boots which I got off on a Sale but have not wore them.
Lastly, a waterproof tactical side-zippered boots, which I find it too warm to wear in the tropics. It keeps you dry from rain but keeps you wet from sweating.
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Use TCX S-Speed Boots myself. The none water proof version. Always worn them as they seem to accommodate my ridiculous size 12 stupidly wide feet very well compared to others I've tried.
Comfy to walk around in and last a long time. My last pair lasted 5 years of regular use and although not the waterproof version only leaked twice in those 5 years even though I'm a regular wet weather rider.
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