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High Mileage FJ-09/Tracer Roll Call

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Searching the forums I couldn't find this topic anywhere. Please reply with a link if it does. What I'm aiming to do here is showcase the bike's reliability through reporting your mileage and experiences with the bike. Hopefully this will show us all how long we can expect our Tracers to last and what issues to watch out for as we pile on the miles.

I'll start:

Year FJ09/MT09/Tracer 900: 2015

Frequency of use: Year-round, warm climate (non-winter blend gas).

Current mileage: 19,500 mi

Riding habits: commuting/touring. lots of day trips (3-6 hr runs). I'm not very gentle, plenty of revs/wheelies/etc.

Non-cosmetic modifications: Vcyclenut tune, Delkevic full system exhaust, O2 sensor delete, Ebay-special steering damper.

Mechanical/Electrical failures: None

Maintenance Schedule adhered: I delayed changing the spark plugs until 18,000 miles. original plugs looked fine but swapped anyway. all other items performed at recommended intervals.


Show me some high mileage triples y'all.

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  • 2015 FJ-09 with 38,000kms, regular mtce.
  • 10w40 Syn, Octane 91 (seasonal blend)
  • Ride April - Nov, 0C - 30C, commute/tour
  • Vcyclenut flash and misc. electrical mods.
  • No mechanical mods save for the suspension
  • Valve-check at 37,000kms (all exhaust tight)
  • Windscreen/dash stay cracked (suspect large/heavy windscreen and nasty roads)
  • Chain and sprockets replaced (wear)
  • TBC

...come to think of it, could put all this in a shared Google Docs spreadsheet so folks could add/update etc. 😀

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canada.gif.22c5f8bdb95643b878d06c336f5fe29f.gif - IBA #66956 - 2015 Yamaha FJ-09

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• 2015 FJ-09 purchased new April 2016

• 35,300 miles 

• year round riding - commuting, weekend jaunts, occasional multi-state trips and rallys.  I don’t baby her but no hooligan stuff.

• ECU flash, Akrapovic exhaust, various bolt-on mods

• have followed Yamaha maintenance schedule.  No mechanical issues so far.  Replaced chain at 20k miles, have had valves inspected and throttle bodies synced.

IBA Member #59800

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2015 bought new in April 2016. 

50k miles. Several trips cross country. I wouldn’t hesitate to leave out tomorrow for another one.  A few bun burners.

Yamalube exclusively because I’m going for the 100k engine warranty thing.

Lots of cosmetic and convenience farkles.

I have electric drawers so I ride year round. 

All recommend maintenance performed as close to what the book calls for as possible. Nothing out of spec.

Both of the notorious side panels cracked at 2k and my dealer replaced them.

I still have the original “crappy” clutch cable that breaks if you look at it wrong.....I never look at it wrong.

I don’t ride as much as I wish I could. If I could, the mileage would be at least triple what it is. 

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I like Guns...

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I bought my 2015 in December of 2016. 

30,000 miles, recreational riding only, no commuting. 50/50 mix of spirited hooligan rides and multi-day road trips. 

Notable mods are ECU flash and Scorpion slip-on exhaust, MCCruise control, assist/ slipper clutch and full suspension upgrade. 

Valves checked, spark plugs changed and throttle bodies synced @23,000 miles. The right exhaust valves on each cylinder were tight, spark plugs looked great, throttle bodies needed almost zero adjustment. 

Oil and filter changed every 3-4,000 miles w/Yamalube semi-synthetic. 

The only issue I have encountered was poor performing front brakes with very odd wear patterns on the pads, dealer replaced brakes and calipers under warranty. 

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Mine is a 2015 bought in February 2016

I have 2 bikes. A 2009 Harley Davidson XR1200  bought in 2011 with ~4,500miles, and the FJ. So the HD gets the around town miles.

I rode the XR everywhere for a few years. It has a just over 50,000 miles.  Cool bike but the ergonomics are working against me now.

My FJ has 22,6xx miles. It has the 5 year YES warranty.  I don't do my own service. Every 4,000 miles it goes back to the dealer. I have the skills to do the "basic" services, but not the desire. 😔

Under warranty. Clutch cable. Cam-Chain adjuster. 

The only things I have done to the FJ are.....

Removed the handguards

Filled the handlebar with BB's (an old school way of dealing with vibration)

Put a Ermax tall screen on. (I like and recommend it.) Not perfect, but a good all round screen. Around town and touring.

A Cosmo Moto GPS mount is on it

No "bat wing" hand guards. Sato Racing SS bar ends.

Runs fine. Probably will for the foreseeable future.




"It doesn't matter who walks in, you know the joke is still the same"  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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2016 FJ purchased in December 2015.

97100 miles.

I am riding year round - commuting in NY city, weekend and cross country touring. 10% two-up.

New York potholed roads and traffic certainly puts some extra strain on the bike...


Oil changes 4-6000 miles - zero oil consumption

Chains: 6 - replaced between 16-23k miles (one chain changed after only 5k miles - maybe faulty or due to worn rear shock)

Major service every 25-30k miles: valve adjustments (exhaust valves always tight), spark plugs, throttle bodies, KN air filter cleaning - no issues.

Tires: 22 rear / 14 front tires - best mileage (10200) and favorite tire: Dunlop Roadsmart 3, lowest milage (1500): Dunlop Q3; best for winter riding: Metzeler Tourance Next

Brake pads: 6 sets front; 3 rear

Cam chain tensioner: noise on/off, not replaced



- 41k miles: stock rear shock worn out; NY city potholes &  two-up touring certainly shortened the life of the shock - replaced with Öhlins shock;

- 45k miles: replaced front forks with Öhlins cartridges (great upgrade)

-96k miles: Ohlins rear shock leaked oil; replaced with K-tech shock

- 97k miles: left front fork seal broke - seals on both forks replaced

Foot pegs: broke off several times in parking tip-overs (NY city driving standards...); replaced with adjustable set. (I carry a spare set on the bike).

Crash protection:  sw-motech crash bars (perfect design); good protection of the bike in combination with the factory hard bags, except for the foot pegs. 

Radiator:  leaking at 60k miles (due to winter riding & gravel);  replaced the water pump with the radiator and added a fender extender

Skid plate - oil pan protection: the oil pan and exhaust are quite exposed due to low clearance (and undersprung stock suspension). I added a no-brand skid plate at about 20k miles.  At 68k miles the oil pan cracked when I rode over a piece of wood - the skid plate bent and cracked, but saved the headers and probably prevented a hole in the pan; replaced with a sw-motech skid plate (solid)

Aux lights: added PIAA LED aux lights (great upgrade)

Wind protection: the stock windshield is not sufficient for colder temperatures; the hand guards deflect air, but are more designed for optics than protection. I added a v-stream tall windshield + an MRA deflector - perfect for long-distance riding. Replaced the stock hand guards with off-road hand-guards.

Clutch cable: required lots of lubing - every 1500-2500 miles

- 27k miles: cable snapped, replaced

- 50k miles: cable replaced with the updated 2017 design (still lots of lubing, but held up fine); 

- 91k miles:  installed Magura hydraulic clutch (great upgrade)

Instrument cluster stand: broke at 65k miles (unit is too flimsy for tall windshield & NYC potholed roads)

Steering and wheel bearings: 

- 91k miles: steering and wheel bearings replaces with Allballs sets; steering bearing worn out.

- 97k miles: bearings front wheel replaced

Observations and overall assessment

When it comes to bikes and riding, tastes and perceptions vary, thus this is just my 5cents, nothing more. Also, the road conditions in and around New York City are not Yamaha’s responsibility.

The FJ09 has been a very solid touring bike. It's light and nimble, with a good power band. 

Two-up riding is doable on the FJ, but there are better bikes if you ride with a pillion - the rear shock just copes with the weight and the pillion seat is a little too far back (this should be improved with the 60mm longer swing arm on the 2019 Tracer900)

- brakes: solid Yamaha / Brembo standard ware. The ABS is simple but works fine in my view. 

- traction control: the TCS regulates early which is fine for touring and city riding - saved my skin quite a few times on oil, gravel etc. 

- electric system - no problems whatsoever. The FJ always starts on first click; excellent LED lights and good alternator output (heated grips + jackets and gloves for two no problem)

Yamaha should have recalled and replaced the clutch cable on the 15/16 models with a hydraulic option - the clutch pull is too heavy. The 2017+ models with the assisted/slipper clutch solve the issue.

The suspension is sub-standard in my view - Ohlins was an expensive but great upgrade - still, the 130mm travel of the rear shock is too short for US north east “quality” roads. Clearance is low for a touring bike and the oil pan is vulnerable - a skid plate is a good investment. Dirt roads are not the FJ’s playground... 

Would I buy another FJ09? Short answer: no. I will change to a bike with more suspension travel and clearance. If I’d buy another sport touring bike, I would forego some of the cost and maintenance advantage of the Yamaha and chose between the KTM1290 Adv S, BMW S1000XR, Ducati Multistrada 1260S - and probably regret it 😉




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Updated repairs
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11 hours ago, jojosz said:

2016 Model purchased in December 2015 - 95000 miles


You go!! That's some awesome mileage. 

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'15 FJ09

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21 hours ago, jojosz said:

I am riding year round - commuting in NY city

Holy double bat crap.... Brrrrrrrrrrr.😳

"It doesn't matter who walks in, you know the joke is still the same"  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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2017 model bought exactly a year and a month ago.

ODO: 14,000 miles. I commute on it (28miles a day) and do a bunch of weekend rides, motocamping trips etc. I have successfully completed the SaddleSore 1000 on it. Planning to hit Alaska next year summer.

Routine maintenance, nothing special. No issues so far. Nothing needed replacement yet except tires. Moved from stock Dunlops to Roadtec 01 - never going back.


1. LED tail/brake lights to Givi V47 top case

2. LED driving lights on the suspension

3. Higdonion urban crash guard and belly pan

4. Extra USB ports - super helpful on long trips (two on the front dash in cigarette adapter, two near the front seat / crotch with a direct SAE connector which i use for battery tender, two relay'd ports inside the top case for those bad weather days)


Overall pretty satisfied with the bike. I do most maintenance myself/self-help garage.

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2015 purchased new in January 2015.  Red.  84,848 miles June 2, 2019.  November 10, 2019:  90,043 miles.

Repairs and problems.

Normal chain, tires.  Oil and filter changes for first 80,000 miles at 5k intervals.

22,500 had a minor tip over crash.  Added Hogdonian engine cage at 25K

26K valve check (tight), bearings greased, front forks reconditioned.

37K deer crashed in Montana, had to do a lot of repair. Ya for Hogdonian cages.

43K Traxion front forks, Ohlin rear shock installed.

60,500 replaced clutch cable, it was frayed but would have broke shortly.

64.5K valve check and adjust.  Shock arm relay and swing arm greased.

Original cam chain tensioner still in operation, and no adjustments.

Chain replaced at 14,000m, 17,550m, 17,620m, and 23,895m.

Front tires:  between 10k and 15k, removed Road 5s at 9,084 but not used up.

Rear tires:  6,900-10,500 (got 10,512 on a PR-3 and 10,445 on a PR-2, 9,084 on Road 5)  Currents are Road 5s.

For me, the FJ-09 has been a low maintenance bike, easy to ride and lots of fun.  Low weight.




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Ken, Candy Ass L.D.R. Sleeps 8 hours
(2)2005 FJR1300abs:  220,000m
2015 FJ-09:  94,000m

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Bought new April 2015 142,000 miles.   3/3/19 146,500    5/20/20-207,000 miles 

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2016  at 36K miles, bought used with 4,.5K miles in March 2017

Year round riding mostly in Southern California, 80% commuting, 10% canyon carving/joy riding, 10% multiday tours

Ridden in 116F Arizona heat and 15F Wyoming blizzards (my home state)

All warranty work done, and I alternate services between recommended and just oil/filter changes. Chain clean and lube every ~500 miles

Valves checked at 22k miles, no adjustment needed (according to dealer...)

Bunches of tires, a few chains/sprockets, a couple clutch cables (no failures, just paranoid)

2WDW Flash at ~20k miles, fantastic fun

Pile of cosmetic mods



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3 hours ago, olddawg said:

Bought new April 2015 142,000 miles.

Way to go @olddawg, you might win the prize for top mileage on an FJ.  🏆

I only manage an average of 15k a year.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Thanks, I hope to make 200,000 if the bike and I both hold up.  I'm 76 yrs. old.   3/3/19  146,500   5/20/20 - 207,000 miles 

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